Contact us at Palayan City Employees Multi-purpose Cooperative to know more. We at the cooperative offers an array of services for you everybody. The cooperative offers catering services of all events, function halls and lending for its existing members.

Canteen & Catering Services

The cooperative offers canteen and catering services. This kind of services was first added to the cooperative in 2013. More than that, the catering services have been phoned regularly by the local government unit of Palayan City. With that, it rests assured that these services are excellent.

Furthermore, the cooperative partnered with private catering services to better attract customers. Additionally, it will gather more experience and ideas which will make it more competitive.

Function Hall

Aside from canteen and catering services, the cooperative also offers a function hall. This function hall serves as a meeting place for corporate staffs. Additionally, this function hall also serves as a venue for small-time events place for special events.

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