Palayan City Employees Multi-Purpose Cooperative was established in 1993.


A group of professionals who worked at the City government of Palayan founded PCEMPC in March 1993. The cooperative had its first Chairman in the person of late Dr. Gonzalo Serezo. Its initial member was 51 employees all coming from the local government of Palayan City.

The cooperative was officially registered with the Cooperative Development Authority (CDA) in August 1993. Congressman Pacifico Fajardo augmented the original Php 102, 000.00 shared capital using Congressional Development Fund (CDF) amounting to Php 100,000.00 in the form of soft loan.

Moreover, Ricardo Villasenor and Attorney Angel Merez implemented a short-term loan with an 18-months of payment terms was implemented.


After the latter, Mr. Pepito L. De Fiesta was elected as the chairman of the board after his election as a member of the Board of Directors. Additionally, significant achievements were recorded which makes the cooperative what it is today.

First is the putting up of a variety store under the administration of the late Mr. De Fiesta. It was initially located at the Palayan City Commercial Center. As a result, the income of cooperative and the growth of its services came from the variety store.

The second imperative accomplishment was in 2005. Mr. Roberto Bolinao chaired the cooperative and undergone an agreement with the Landbank of the Philippines. The agreement between the cooperative and Landbank was a breakthrough. Furthermore, it provided more credit facilities for cooperative members through production loans.

Leaders’ unparalleled determination and selflessness resulted in the upsurge of trust from non-members. In like manner, they (non-members) believed that the cooperative was on the right track of complying with its mandate.

With that in mind, exponential growth in the membership of the cooperative can be seen in 2003. In the same year, Attorney Norberto Coronel was the elected chairman. And his noticeable achievement was the upsurge of cooperative members from ninety-eight (98) to three hundred eight (308). More than that, the variety store resulted in an increase in membership and an increase in capitalization.

On December 4, 2009, the cooperative made significant changes to its constitution. First was the increase of share capital from twenty million pesos (Php 20, 000, 000.00) to forty million (Php 40, 000, 000.00). Moreover, the second one was the re-registration of Palayan City Employees Multi-Purpose Cooperative.


The cooperative had been facing different challenges, yet, it continues to fulfill its mandate. To do so, they managed to craft strategic plans and priority areas to continue hitting their goal.

Their number one priority is membership growth and expansion. Likewise, they firmly believe that its directive is to uplift the standards of living of its members. With that in mind, the officers must keep necessary measures in order to keep and maintain their members so that they will be able to realize the benefits of being a cooperative member.

Furthermore, the cooperative identifies itself as a business enterprise. Also, the cooperative focuses on education and training. Additionally, they advocate for social and community participation.

For example, the cooperative undertakes social development services such as adopt a school program. As well as community participation including PWDs and person with special needs.

The cooperative employed officers and staffs to fulfill its mandate of serving its constituents. Furthermore, this aids the efficient daily monitoring of the cooperative’s operation.

Today, Palayan City Employees Multi-Purpose Cooperative stands strong and firm. It has a solid asset and incorruptible net worth which makes it imperishable.