Election Committee

The Election Committee (EleCom) shall be composed of three (3) members to be elected during the General Assembly meeting and shall hold office for a term of one (1) year or until their successors shall have been elected and qualified.

  1. Formulate election rules and guidelines and recommend to the GA for approval.
  2. Recommend necessary amendments to the election rules and guidelines, in coordination with the BOD, for the GA’s approval.
  3. Implement election rules and guidelines duly approved by the GA;
  4. Supervise the conduct, manner, and proceeding of election and other election-related activities and act on the changes thereto;
  5. Canvass and certify the results of the election;
  6. Proclaim the winning candidates;
  7. Decide election and other election-related cases except those involving the Election Committee or its members; and
  8. Perform such other functions as prescribed in the By-laws or authorized by the GA.


Palayan City Employees Cooperative was established in March 1993. The cooperative had 53 initial members coming from the local government of Palayan City. It had implemented short term loans for its members to increase its capital. Moreover, the cooperative put up a variety store to intensify its revenue. Similarly, the cooperative was able to construct its own canteen located at Palayan City Hall compound due to the growth of its capital. The cooperative managed to attract 308 employees in 2003 because of its continuous achievements and robust organization.

Today, the cooperative firmly believes that it is their oath to safeguard the interest of its members. Likewise, it is their obligation to extended their assistance to the community.


The cooperative these days offer 3 kinds of services; rental of function hall, canteen & catering services and grocery.

Its function hall entices authorities and experts. Its professional ambiance lures potential customers. Furthermore, sumptuous food of the cooperative seduces clients. As a result, more customers avail of this type of service. Likewise, the cooperative’s grocery offers a variety of goods and basic commodities.

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The cooperative is always open for everyone. Besides, it is our intention to provide you the greatest pleasure you deserve. Please, do not hesitate in contacting us. Furthermore, you are all welcome in the cooperative.

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